• Each dog has his own space. The only time they are together with another dog is when they are from the same owner and when the carer believes that the space is big enough for the quantity of dogs.
  • The dog can play in his space outside and inside during the day and night.
  • The spaces are cleaned and disinfected twice a day.
  • The dog will be fed as he is used too at your home. We control the water during the whole day.
  • The water that we give the dog is water out of a bottle.
  • You have to bring his own food so that he will eat what he is used to eat.
  • You will have to bring enough food for the whole stay and leave the original packaging. That way, if it runs out, the carer is able to buy some more, this to  evoid problems such as diarrhea, etc…if you have any other wishes for the dogs food we are always open to opinions, seeing as how in the end the dog is the client.
  • If the dog needs medication you have to leave enough with the carer and inform her correctly. Also bring the original packaging in case she needs to buy more.
  • The carer will keep the food and medication of each dog separate with the name of the dog clearly written on it. What is left at the end of the stay shall be given back to the owner.
  • We walk your dog twice a day, that’s why you have to leave the dogs leed with the carer.
  • We have an area where your dog plays while the carer is cleaning his private space. The dog is never in the area together with other dogs.
  • The carer has blankets, troughs, drinking-troughs, etc.. at her disposal. Of course you can always bring the dog’s own things if you believe the dog will be more comfortable with them. The carer is not responsible if the things get broken.
  • The dog has to be sociable with people and other dogs.


  • If it’s possible for you, bring your dog in the morning, so the dog will be able to get accustomed to his new surroundings before he goes to sleep.
  • Please give as much information as you can about your dog to the carer.
  • And above all, don’t worry. Your dog is in good hands, apart from just looking after him we give him lots of attention and love.
Hotel para Perros Canichou
Hotel para Perros Canichou



Carretera Alcalá – Guía de Isora, s/n, km 5
38680 GUÍA DE ISORA (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)


Mobile Phone:
666 794 080


Every day from 12:00 to 14:00 h. and from 18:00 to 19:00 h.


1 dog : 13 euros a day.
2 dogs : 21 euros a day.
More than 2 dogs : consult price.

Meal not included.
Hablamos español / On parle Francais / We speak English / Wir Sprechen deuctch